I’m really excited to announce that my website is now up and running and I am officially open for business.

Already, I have had some wonderful customers who have come to see me. Some are new to colonic treatments others are old hands.

People have asked me why I’ve embarked on this journey and why I decided not to pursue my Teaching Advisory work anymore. Well, I replied by saying I really needed a change. A lot of personal events had happened just recently especially the sad passing of my mother just before Christmas 2016.

I’m doing this for me and my mum, I know that she would have been very proud of me starting a new venture and she might even have come for a treatment.

So, as one chapter closes another opens,here’s to the future. I’ve had customers already and the customers who have come to see me so far, have been so kind and have given me their experiences which you can read. Thank you to all of you who have contributed and were so positive and kind in your comments.


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