Intestinal parasites stool test


Have you experienced any of the following?

Abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation, increased flatulence, cramps. foul smelling stools?

Headaches, migraines, nose drip, joint pain, chronic fatigue skin problems, sugar cravings, Weight loss, food sensitivities.

How does the test work?

Ideal for those who have tried to heal digestion but failed and have previously travelled further afield, your stool sample will be tested for parasites such as varieties of tapeworm, round worm and fugus*

Click here for a list of the parasites that we test for

  • Test kit sent out in the post
  • Full instructions included
  • Place stool sample in the post, sending it via your local post office., making sure to pay for delivery of completed sample.
  • Tests are sent to German laboratories with a quick turnaround (usually around 3 weeks due to Brexit but often comes earlier).
  • Results sent to you via email

Parasites are organisms that live off another organism and may harm its host (you!) They also steal food and supplements from too!
Although uncommon in the UK, if you tend to travel to more foreign/exotic countries the food you consume can be the cause of numerous health issues.
Everyone is exposed to parasites; however, some people will be less resistant to their attack and have a weaker immune system allowing the parasite to take hold.
If you’ve been exposed to toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals, have a poor diet, have a stressful lifestyle, have low enzyme or HCI (Hydrochloric Acid) production you could be at higher risk.

  • If you require a refund, the test must be returned with proof of postage.
  • A £20 handling, processing and administration charge will be deducted from the original cost.
  • Click here for a list of the parasites that we test for
  • Please be aware that the test is for your information purpose only, we do not prescribe medication for any outcome. We are, however, able to offer a naturopathic supplement package for any positive results, at a cost of £40, if you would like to purchase this add on service. Email us for this additional service
  • Please be aware that when the test is completed you need to post it at your local post office and the test will be shipped from there to the address on the kit packet. The timing of the test results being received back, can be up to 3 weeks.