Leaky Gut Test Kit


Have you experienced any of the following?

Inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal infections, Coeliacs disease or food allergies are all commonly linked to leaky gut syndrome.

How does the test work?

The accredited laboratories test for a specific substance called alpha-1-antitrypsine in your stool sample. If this substance is present, then you will receive a positive diagnosis for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Test at home

  • Test kit sent out in the post
  • Full instructions included
  • Place stool sample in the post
  • Test sent to German laboratories with a quick turnaround (usually around 3 weeks due to Brexit but often comes earlier).
  • Results sent to you via email


The human intestines have two functions that are partly contrary. The lining needs to be permeable to absorb nutrients from digested foods, but it also needs to protect us by being impermeable to viruses and bad bacteria.

Bad diets, environmental stress and Coeliac disease (to name a few) can cause the protective membrane in the intestine to change or breakdown resulting in leaky gut syndrome.
As the membrane/barrier changes, it can cause an increased absorption of bad bacteria. This can then cause food allergies which, in turn, can cause damage of the mucous lining once again. It’s a vicious circle!