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My latest article published in the August issue of The Sherwood monthly community magazine is all about Gut Microbiome.

If you would like to know more about Gut Microbiome, I am always open to enquiries, why not give me a call, I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a copy of the article, hope you enjoy it.

Why is the Gut Microbiome so topical at the moment. Well, particularly in the last few years the Gut Microbiome as it is know has come under the spotlight for the importance in our overall health?

So what exactly is it. It’s a common term to describe the microscopic organisms in our gut. It has its very own and unique ecosystem. A balanced ecosystem of friendly bacteria’s keeps us healthy.

When our gut is working well it can be likened to a well tended garden, if you water the plants and provide certain conditions for the flora and forna to live in harmony, then everything ticks along nicely.


You might have heard of the Human Genome Project. This project has been rolled out to the area of Gut Microbiome and its diversity. Members of the public have been encouraged to take part and send off samples of their microbes from their skin, mouth and gut.

What scientists found was that although genetically we may be similar, our gut microbes are all very different and dependant on how the land lies in our individual gut microbiome this can affect individual in all sorts of different ways. For example, our weight, while some people can eat carbohydrates and not show any adverse effects, others may bloat and find it hard to digest. That’s why some of us may have great results on eating certain foods whilst others do not have the same results.


Most of us have suffered constipation at one time or another and know that a constipated stool remaining in the gut can often cause allot of pain and when it sits for sometime it produces gas which in turn, causes bloating and real discomfort.

Some of the reasons for constipation come under a wide umbrella of reasons such as eating too little fibre, the lack of exercise, not drinking enough water, and medications and stress play a big part, having these imbalances just halt digestion.

It’s often not known that Food intolerances are more common that we think, it is thought that around 48 % of individuals may be intolerant to something at some time.

Gluten is often a culprit, gluten acts as glue to the gut which in turn causes inflammation. Gluten is very readily available to us in many of our foods and if you experience any pain and cramping a little while after eating certain foods, it may be that you are intolerant them.

Another uncomfortable set of symptoms that clog up our Doctors surgeries is acid reflux and indigestion these ailments are common and Doctors prescribe medications called Protein Pump Inhibitors, these help to block the enzymes that make stomach acid. But it is often the case that we lack stomach acid and by adding a digestive enzyme or taking a probiotic can help with the problem.

Along with acid reflux some people can present with bad breath, the noxious gases travel up the gastric tract and cause the after math of these putrid gases on our breath. If food is not being digested properly by the digestive enzymes and good bacteria, it putries in the intestines.

Some of the above conditions could be symptoms of more serious problems such as IBS and IBD’s which I’ve covered in previous articles.


Please get in touch with me. Not only do I provide colonic treatments that are very gentle and benefit the gut moving forward.

For individuals who would prefer just to talk about Gut Health and would like just a consultation to see where to move next I can offer an hour consultation for £50.

It may be that you would like to get tested for food intolerance or have a stool sample done to test the levels of good and bad bacteria’s living in your Gut.

Consider a digestive enzyme or probiotic, as part of the consultation this can be discussed as there are many different types on the market and many strains of good bacteria that do different jobs.

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I do hope you enjoy my article and find it interesting and informative.

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