Food Intolerance Testing 

Over 45% of people have an adverse affect from the foods they eat causing digestive discomfort, bloating constipation low mood, migraines, headaches and so on. With over 9 different tests to choose, such as the IBS support test, I can advise you and administer the test within minutes taking finger prick test of blood. Blood doesn’t lie and you get the results in just over a week.

Also ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UK I can administer the new Homocysteine test. It is now seen as an important marker in studies for health and wellbeing and is a good predictor to potential health issues. High homocysteine levels can predict the increase in heart disease or stroke. Women with high homocysteine levels are less likely to conceive and older people with high  homocysteine levels is linked to Alzheimer’s, low mood and dementia.

Food intolerance testing for everyone

Food intolerances can be the cause of serious medical symptoms and can also have a major impact on how our bodies perform.  When our bodies are working hard to achieve a physical goal it makes sense to ensure that the food we are eating is working with us – not against us.

Many fitness professionals introduce food intolerance testing at the beginning of any fitness or weight loss regime in order to ensure that their client’s diet is working optimally to achieve the best results.

Can a food intolerance test help you optimise your diet to achieve your goals?

To find out more or book an appointment, please telephone  0115 9234986 or 07932 629003

Stool Sampling and Testing 

I can advise on the type of stool sample test for you, we screen for the following:

  • Full screen for Candida and fungi
  • pH stool including fungi screen
  • intestinal parasites
  • bacteria levels
  • complete intestinal colonization
  • pancreatic function
  • leaky gut
  • intestinal inflammation
  • Intestinal immune system
  • celiac disease
  • helicobacter pylori
  • intestinal bleeding
  • colo-rectal tutor markers

and much much more …

Once the results are in I will discuss the outcomes with you. You’ll also get individual therapy suggestions, diet and hygiene advice.


To find out more or book an appointment, please telephone  0115 9234986 or 07932 629003

Please ask for pricing at consultation as there are a variety of options available
Each consultation is tailored to each clients needs

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