We’re IN Nottingham

We’re IN Nottingham

We’re featured in the March 18 Edition of the In Nottingham magazine.  Find us on P25 of the Health section.

Here’s a snippet …

As a Western society we are starting to realise how important the Gut really is, we are what our gut is. 

The bowel has a big part to play in keeping us healthy and around 80 % of our immunity is from our gut. It is linked to all areas of our body, when it’s working well it is linked to controlling our weight. It can also influence our mood and atributes to general wellness.

The gut is as important as our brains and heart, yet as a nation we may be still too embarrassed to ask vital questions about it. The Gut microbiome or our individual gut plan of good “gut flora” or bacteria, as we commonly know it as, play a key part in obesity, allergies and depression.

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I do hope you enjoy my article and find it interesting and informative.

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