Have you read “Gut”?

Have you read “Gut”?

Do you want to know more about poo and our gut microbiome?

This book is a witty page-turner and digestible insight into everything gastric.

Gut is a Sunday Times Bestseller written by German writer and scientist, Giulia Enders.  It’s an entertaining and informative health handbook that shows we can all benefit from getting to know the wondrous world of our inner workings.

In Gut, Giulia reveals the latest science on how much our digestive system has to offer. It’s as important as our brain or heart, yet we know very little about how it works and many of us are too embarrassed to ask questions.

From our miraculous gut bacteria – which can play a part in obesity, allergies, depression and even Alzheimer’s – to the best position to poo.

I think a must read.

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