Anti-Wrinkle & Vitamin Injections

Why Vitamin B12?

We need it to:

  • make red blood cells, nerves, DNA and protein
  • metabolise fats and carbohydrate for energy
  • fight anaemia
  • fight lethargy and tiredness.

Why have an injection?

  • We don’t always absorb enough Vitamin B12 through our food.
  • Some individuals have absorption problems.
  • As we age, we absorb less B12 but still need it for all body functions to work in tiptop condition.
  • A B12 injection gets straight to work in your body; there are no unnecessary ingredients to break down.


  • £45 per shot

About Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps to:

  • keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy
  • regulate and maintain regulates the nervous system
  • reduce stress and depression
  • maintain healthy skin and nails
  • protect against cancers, including of the breast, lung and prostate
  • decrease sugar cravings
  • improve thyroid function
  • balance male and female hormones.

Vitamin B12 deficiency Studies have linked Vitamin B12 deficiency to:

  • Alzheimer’s disease / dementia
  • learning disorders in children
  • autoimmune disease
  • cardiovascular disease
  • cancer

Other conditions linked to Vitamin B12

These include…

  • Stomach conditions. Some stomach conditions or operations can prevent adequate absorption of Vitamin B12
  • Intestinal conditions. Some conditions that affect your intestines, such as Crohn’s disease, can also stop you absorbing enough Vitamin B12
  • Medication. Some types of medicine can lead to a reduction in the amount of Vitamin B12 in the body
  • Functional Vitamin B12 deficiency. Some people can experience problems related to a Vitamin B12 deficiency, despite appearing to have normal levels of it in their blood

Benefits of Vitamin B12 injections

Vitamin B12 injections are beneficial for improving:

  • anaemia or pernicious anaemia
  • lethargy and tiredness
  • feelings of faintness
  • immune system function
  • positive mood
  • energy levels
  • mental clarity
  • deeper sleep
  • faster metabolism

Remember that your GP is best placed to help you identify and treat any health problems, including suspected Vitamin B12 deficiency.

About Vitamin B12 injections

Vitamin B12 injections need to be administered regularly over a 3 to 6 month period to have a positive effect on any of the listed deficiencies. It is recommended that you receive about six injections over a period of weeks to build up your Vitamin B12 store.

Once replenished, your body’s Vitamin B12 store can last for several months. It’s normal to have 3-monthly injections to maintain levels. If your symptoms return before the end of the three-month period, then you may need another injection sooner than planned. This is very rare. If this happens, we may suggest some further tests with your GP, though this very much depends on your clinical symptoms.

If your diet is the reason for your lack of Vitamin B12 (and it isn’t due to pernicious anaemia), then after your initial injections, your GP may suggest some dietary supplements.  Alternatively, twice-yearly injections may be suggested instead.  If you have pernicious anaemia, you will need Vitamin B12 injections for the rest of your life.  There aren’t usually any side effects from these injections.

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